Peter Xenou

The owner of Navayo and the man obsessed with filling your appetite with delicious gourmet food is none other than Peter Xenou.

Peter was born on the Greek Island of Zakynthos also known as Zante, which is where Navayo draws inspiration from. Peter also has strong Canadian roots, having moved to Canada in 1973 and eventually settling in Toronto in 1984.

Peter has fostered multiple successful businesses in Toronto which include: Johnny G’s Café, Kringles Diner and The Leslieville Diner. Peter’s affinity for becoming a restaurant entrepreneur is founded with his family, who all owned restaurants and inspired him to cook.

While Peter’s previous businesses have all been located in more central Toronto, this time Peter was finally able to open up in Cliffside, which has been a dream of his for a long time. When prompted about why he chose to open in cliffside, Peters answer was simple: “I’ve always wanted to open up something close to my home, Navayo lets me do that”. Furthermore, opening Navayo Greek Bistro invites the community to band together and support small businesses instead of massive developers.